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    ‎08-20-2021 11:14 AM
    The following procedure describes how to restore DIVAR IP 5000 ALL-IN-ONE to the factory default image.   Step-by-step guide   1. Start the unit and press F7 during the BIOS power-on-selftest. The Recovery menu is displayed.   2. Select one of the following: – Initial factory setup: restores to factory default image and deletes all data on the HDDs. or – System Recovery (back to Factory Defaults): restores to factory default image; data on the HDDs will not be deleted.   Note: While the System Recovery option doesn't delete video footage stored on the data HDDs, it still replaces the complete OS ( operating system ) partition (including VMS settings) with a default configuration. In order to access existing video footage after recovery, the VMS configuration needs to be exported before System Recovery and re-imported afterwards.   Notice! Do not turn off the unit during the process. This will damage the Recovery media.   3. The unit starts from the Recovery media. If the setup is successful, press OK to restart the system.   4. Windows performs the initial setup of the operating system. The unit restarts after Windows has completed the setup. 5. After the restart of the unit, the factory settings are installed. 6. After the system has reboot, the next step is to change the BVRAdmin password. The default one is WSS4Bosch.
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    ‎08-20-2021 11:01 AM
    Please follow the steps below when an error message appears that the license is wrong, such as:  “Sorry, you've exceeded the amount of activations for this Authorization" Or “Activation invalid: Key mismatch”  
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    ‎09-28-2021 12:10 PM
    The MegaRAID controller will automatically detect if a disk has errors causing the RAID volume to be degraded. An error message will appear on the desktop of that system. The system will also generate a beeping sound indicating it needs attention:   This article provides the steps to determine and replace your defective HDD in DIVAR IP R2 This article also applies when: On the front Panel the Red LED at the HDD is on The HDD is shown as faulty in the MegaRaid Software   Article requirements: Mega RAID Storage Manager
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    ‎09-14-2021 08:39 AM
    The purpose of this article is to provide a step by step guide about how to perform backup and recovery procedures of the VRM data base in the DIVAR IP 2000 EZ Recording Appliance.   Step-by-step guide Backing Up the Working Configuration: 1.To backup the working configuration of a DIVAR IP 2000 Recording Appliance, open the Appliance's "Dashboard": 2. From the Dashboard select the "Configuration" tab in the top right hand portion of your browse:
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    ‎08-23-2021 09:18 AM
    This file is suitable for both DIVAR IP 3000 and DIVAR IP 7000, as per release note (page 1).
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    ‎09-21-2021 09:35 AM
    Possible causes and solution(s)   The parts included in the kit (DIP-7GRSN-P6) are the following: 1 x Graphics card for DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 appliances 1 x Sound card for DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 appliances 4 x Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter The kit must contain the proper brackets for the low profile (2u) and normal mounting (3u).   Causes   At first sight, you might think that the model is the correct one that shows in the Datasheet, but the Video card is smaller than the DIP Slot.   Solution   Please note that it may be possible that: the   Audio   card comes with the   normal  mounting (3u) bracket preinstalled and the kit contains the   low  profile bracket while the   Video   card comes with the   low  profile preinstalled and the kit contains the   normal  mounting bracket The video card model is the same for all types of sizes of DIP-7000 AIO.     Important Q&A:   1) Question   Is it still necessary to move the jumper to disable the on-board VGA? Answer: It is   NOT   necessary to move the jumper to disable the on-board VGA.   2) Question: Are BIOS changes also required? Answer:   No, as per BIOS specifications, the graphic priority should always be set to “off-board”. per default.   3) Question   How can you mount the brackets? Answer   Only two screws need to be tightened.
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    ‎05-12-2021 10:34 AM
    The Windows Storage Server operating system of DIVAR IP all - in - one 7 000  is  installed on a two SSD drives in redundant (mirrored) configuration. Health status of  the mirrored OS drives can be monitored using a tool called Virtual RAID on CPU  (formerly known as Rapid Storage Technology). Installation and configuration steps  are described below. Step-by-step guide   1. Installation: Download  the setup  from  here Copy the content to a USB drive When the BVMS default screen is shown, press CTRL + ALT + DEL Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Log off Log in as BVRAdmin Transfer the IATA_CD.exe from the USB drive to the BVRAdmin desktop Double click  the  IATA_CD.exe executable Follow the installation procedure  as shown in the screen shots     2. Email notification: Note: The E-mail notification feature is based on SMTP access without authentication. It is strongly suggested to use this functionality only with a dedicated server in the local network, which is specifically configured for this purpose and doesn’t handle any critical data.
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    This article describes the steps to rebuild the RAID 5 Array of DIP 7000 AIO Gen 3 and add how you can add LUNs to the BVMS installation
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    ‎05-27-2021 04:29 PM
    Question   Why the Windows license key and System ID are the same on all my DIVAR IP 6000?   Answer   These units come pre-licensed from the factory and they have an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license activated. Please see more information about OEM on the Wikipedia link below: According to its   datasheet, all components relevant to the usage of DIVAR IP 6000 as storage array in a Bosch recording solution are pre-installed and preconfigured. Simply connect to the network and power the unit up — DIVAR IP 6000 is ready to begin recording straight out-of-the-box.
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