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    a week ago
    This article contains the list of Security Advisories (SA) to inform you about identified security vulnerabilities in our product or service and proposed solutions.
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    4 weeks ago
    ⚠️ NOTE: This procedure is the same for all 2U and 3U systems and is also applicable for DIP 7000 AIO GEN3 , except 3108 FW might be different, depends on the exact model.
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    ‎10-20-2023 08:57 AM
    This article lists the concrete instructions for collecting logs or other important information for issues with DIVAR IP. We will classify the different issue scenarios . Depending on the issue, this article lists the required logging to start the initial troubleshooting process.
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    ‎10-18-2023 04:58 PM
    When upgrading a DIVAR IP AiO to BVMS 11, the information from this article should be considered.
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    ‎10-18-2023 11:05 AM
    When trying to open the SuperDoctor app, the default browser opening is Internet Explorer and the login page is not showing up. "This site is not secure" message occurs and there is no possibility to continue to the localhost.
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    ‎10-17-2023 04:48 PM
    This step-by-step guide will help you to perform the upgrade of BVMS from v.10.1 to v.11.0 on a DIVAR IP 7000 AIO GEN 3 (DIP-7380-00N)
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    ‎10-03-2023 03:26 PM
    This article presents the comprehensive steps of DIVAR-IP all-in-one System Manager and Remote System Management installation and configuration
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    ‎08-29-2023 11:03 AM
    In this article can be found how to add a license in Remote Portal and activate it on a DIVAR IP AIO connected to Remote Portal via System Manager.
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    ‎08-21-2023 09:07 AM
    This article explains what action should be done for DIVAR IP 7000 Gen 3 before collecting IPMI logs
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    ‎06-23-2023 02:15 PM
    This article explains step-by-step how to upgrade the MegaRAID Storage Manager to v.17.05 on DIVAR aio 7000.
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    ‎06-05-2023 04:07 PM
    If you cannot access any program from kiosk mode or they are randomly opened on your DIVAR IP AIO, this happens because you double click on the icons.
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    ‎05-12-2023 09:05 AM
    Importing a foreign configuration should recover a RAID configuration (in case the RAID is not corrupt) This option must be performed before creating a new VHD. This option may restore all of the video and data on the drives.
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    ‎03-28-2023 12:24 PM
    Health monitoring with Remote System Management is very easy, as in one page you have an overview of the state of all DIVAR IPs connected to your Remote Portal and then, drilling down a level, you have an instant overview of the state of the cameras connected to the selected DIVAR IP. A service is available to setup health alerts for devices via email, so you are informed when any emergencies pop up.
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    ‎03-22-2023 03:55 PM
    This article shows the blueprints for the three operation modes that the DIVAR IP supports, combined with Remote System Management. They show the capabilities and limitations of Remote System Management in each of the modes.
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    ‎03-22-2023 11:06 AM
    With the release of System Manager 2.0, the DIVAR IP systems can now be connected to the internet for maintenance and management, using Bosch Remote Portal.
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    ‎03-14-2023 04:09 PM
    Upon powering on the DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 system you hear FAN spinning normal, LEDs are blinking at normal frequency and there are no error beep codes. However, there is no display when connected via VGA (or) DVI (or) DP. Check out this article and find out how to fix this!
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    ‎03-07-2023 08:11 AM
    In this article can be found which is the max. iSCSI recording sessions of DIVAR IP AIOs.
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    ‎01-17-2023 04:37 PM
    This article contains the username and password of SuperDoctor 5 for Divar IP 7000 AIO
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    ‎11-24-2022 02:35 PM
    At first sight, you might think that the model is the correct one that shows in the Datasheet, but the Video card is smaller than the DIP Slot.
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    ‎09-08-2022 11:01 AM
    Follow the steps from this article and learn how you can create RAID 1 on your unit.
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