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    ‎01-03-2024 10:49 AM
    The way to get Metadata in Milestone is through the Bosch Enhanced Metadata Plug-in
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    ‎11-29-2023 01:43 PM
    The configured camera TCP port is used from the BVMS Operator Client to the camera. This port is used by the BVMS Operator Client as a destination port. The source port is dynamic and therefore, it cannot be adjusted.
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    2 weeks ago
    Bosch camera's passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters including special characters
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    ‎05-15-2024 08:46 AM
    This interface is designed to provide applications an API for controlling Virtual Inputs. To access an existing Virtual Input the application has to know the unique authentication token of the Virtual Input which is used for both authentication and identification.
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    ‎03-18-2024 09:50 AM
    Be sure that the MIC-7100i camera is configured in BVMS Configuration Client with "Bosch-AutoDome Bilinx" protocol and not with "Bosch-AutoDome" protocol or other options from the list.
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    ‎02-27-2024 03:24 PM
    Bosch requires the installer to provide the specified power mentioned on the product spec sheet and labels. While taking into consideration the POE standards. Bosch doesn't support out-of-spec operation of our cameras as we cannot guarantee proper functionality in such circumstances. Thus, we will not be providing out-of-spec voltage or power values at this stage.
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    ‎01-19-2024 11:23 AM
    This is a Camera Trainer exercise that shows how you can Train the Camera for paper jam detection on the paper shredder.
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    ‎11-28-2023 03:52 PM
    Hash Tag "#" is one of the few special characters, which is accepted by the camera, but it cannot be accepted on BVMS side (in order to connect to the camera) — due to the limitations of communication specifics some BVMS components are using. And as a result, communication might not work properly and "No connection" warning message in Operator Client image pane and black screen might occur
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    ‎10-24-2022 02:55 PM
    This article explain what is the difference between ‘Operator Logon- off’ & ‘Operator Client Logon- off’ events in BVMS.
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    ‎05-10-2022 03:48 PM
    You have to make sure that you are not using HTTP. This is an insecure protocol and we recommended to disable HTTP because it will lead to vulnerability scan results.
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    4 weeks ago
    Unsupported camera model: Auto-calibration is currently not supported for this camera model. Calibration could produce wrong results or might not work. Why is this message displayed in Configuration Manager?
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    ‎01-25-2024 09:54 AM
    IPMI allows you to remotely monitor and manage certain aspects of the DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 2U (gen 3), such as power status, temperature, fan speed, and other hardware-related information.
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    ‎02-13-2024 10:19 AM
    The maximum zoom speed in the GUI is operational but is only applicable during "manual control." When the operator calls for 30x, the zoom speed has to remain constant. While the speed may not be as rapid as anticipated, it is essential to understand that this camera model is already operating at its optimum capacity.
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    ‎01-25-2023 09:54 AM
    This article provides possible causes and solutions regarding FLEXIDOME Inteox 7100i (CPP13) - calibration lost using FW 8.45.0032.
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    ‎11-28-2023 02:58 PM
    When integrating Intelligent Insights with a self-signed certificate, the BVMS operator client always shows an error message when opening a widget in the BVMS operator client image pane. Find out from this article how to solve this behavior!
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    ‎04-19-2023 12:21 PM
    If you will try to use these languages as name stamp for Bosch cameras, it will display squares or not the word/s itself at all. This is not a bug or a fault, Hebrew & Thai characters are not available for the on-screen display.
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    ‎12-13-2023 02:49 PM
    The Bosch camera can make up to two (2) recorded tours. A recorded tour saves all manual camera movements made during the recording, including its rate of pan, tilt and zoom speeds, and other lens setting changes.
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    ‎03-07-2024 01:23 PM
    Yes, it is possible to do this setting (minimum TLS) to multiple cameras at once in Configuration Manager. You can do this change after you authenticate on those cameras. Learn more!
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    ‎10-20-2022 11:58 AM
    WD MSD-064G IP SECURITY MICROSD CARD does not support lifespan check for Bosch CPP4 cameras
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    ‎11-21-2023 02:30 PM
    If you want to disable the digital zoom or to limit the maximum zoom-in of the AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i IR camera, you can do that by using the AUX Command 80 (OFF).
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