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    ‎02-28-2024 12:55 PM
    In the winter period, if there is no PAN functionality in the camera and despite this, the TILT still works, this could be caused by the snow or ice that might be stuck between the static part of the camera and the moving camera head. Find out from this article how you can prevent this happening.
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    ‎12-19-2023 02:49 PM
    In case you have noticed a gap between the left and right of the lens installation, this might cause improperly focus for the camera's image. Therefore, please proceed as explained in this article.
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    ‎11-29-2023 11:31 AM
    Should the inverter produce a sine/sinusoidal wave, a square wave or other?
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    ‎11-30-2023 01:46 PM
    During the troubleshooting process, the Central Technical Support team often needs to run several different loggers to gain a more complete understanding of the problem.  You can use custom console traces to regroup and run different loggers that are not combined in the default Server Admin list. To create and run custom console traces for Security Center, follow the steps from this article.
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    ‎08-22-2022 02:01 PM
    If you want to change the time zone in the export, you need to add / subtract the difference (offset) to local time zone in post-processing e.g. in MS Excel or MS Access.
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    ‎03-27-2024 09:29 AM
    Milestone search tools (People & Vehicles) find results for other cameras. But the Bosch Forensic Search Agent finds zero results for DINION IP starlight 7000 FW v7.89. Why?
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    ‎10-27-2023 03:59 PM
    The MIC IP fusion 9000i supports only simplified Chinese language. There is no option to select traditional Chinese in the menu.
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    ‎12-18-2023 09:44 AM
    Please configure the same time zone on the PC, download the Remote Portal activation file again and then you will be able to load it into Config Client and license the system.
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    ‎01-19-2024 11:07 AM
    An installer doesn’t need to travel to customer's site for fine tuning the configuration, when a Camera Analytics task brings false alarms. The VCA task editor can be used for easy analytic configuration or for troubleshooting.
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    ‎01-18-2024 01:21 PM
    Forensic search is a way of searching your recorded video for events that have happened in the past using the metadata that the camera has generated. You can use the metadata embedded in the video to reverse the process and search for events using the same or different tasks that VA provide. But, do you know what is the difference between individual & common search?
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:13 AM
    Perform an update in the BVMS setting to pull h265 and the recording should start to show up in the playback cameo from BVMS Operator Client
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    ‎12-14-2023 01:41 PM
    Mercury vapor lights are banned in many countries. There are a variety of phosphor coatings used by different lighting brands resulting in different color temperatures.
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    ‎04-18-2024 11:33 AM
    In this scenario, an alarm button is connected to the Adam unit and when this input is activated (close or open), a full screen camera image shows on the display. The display is always logged in the Operator Client for live camera view on the DIVAR IP 7000 AIO.
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    ‎03-26-2024 02:38 PM
    In the Logbook, you can search for particular events, alarms, devices, and strings of events.  You have the possibility to save the BVMS Operator Client alarm logbook, before accepting and clearing it.
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    3 weeks ago
    The calibration can be done by using already recorded videos, as is demonstrated in the video below. Either video recorded on the camera's SD card or on a recorder can be used. This can save calibration time and can be done by a single person.
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    ‎04-30-2024 02:24 PM
    The inconsistency in the tamper detection functionality could be due to various factors. Follow this article for more details.
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    ‎02-16-2024 10:39 AM
    If you have for example a DIVAR 7000 AIO as central BVMS server and also, on the same network, you have a DIVAR Network Video Recorder (NVR) to which cameras are connected to and recording, the recording is typically handled by the NVR itself. Therefore, in this case the cameras added on the NVR will continue recording only there because the NVR manages the recording and storage of video footage from them.
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:05 AM
    DIVAR 5000 network or Hybrid do not support KBD-UXF. However, the KBD-DIGITAL is still a current product and can be used.
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    ‎11-17-2023 02:00 PM
    This article guides you to easily find the connector’s pinout of FLEXIDOME Panoramic 5100i IR camera
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    2 weeks ago
    NetApp® from time to time provides new HDD firmware for the various HDD / disk models. In January 2024 an NetApp Knowledge Base Article was created that needs to be taken into consideration as well.
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