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    How does the Bosch Site Monitor App work?



    How does the Bosch Site Monitor App work?




    Alarm Management: Bosch Site Monitor App



    For staying connected.

    Offer your customers push notifications and remote access to live video streams from all their video surveillance-secured sites from any smart phone or tablet, so they can check in any time, from anywhere.

    The App is available for Android- and iOS-based devices.

    Please follow the document “Alarm Management Configuration: Set up a Smart Notification service” to configure a mobile user and a Smart Notification service in Cloud-base Services Configuration.


    New features in Site Monitor App version 2.5


    • 1-click to local video replay and forensic search in Bosch Video Security Client App from the event
    • Selection of streaming quality: Stream #1, #2 or high quality JPG for low-bandwidth
    • New languages such as It, Fr, Se, No, Es, Pt.
    • Co-branding capabilities
    • Automatic re-arming after 5, 10, 20, ... minutes
    • Extension of event list to 400 events
    • Smart event grouping in case of repetitive alarms within 1, 2, 5, ... minutes
    • New harmonized app icon in line with other BT Apps


    1. Download and install Bosch Site Monitor App


    Bosch Site Monitor App supports iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Supported OS versions see Alarm Management data sheet.

    1. Download Bosch Site Monitor App:

        a. For iOS: In Apple App Store search for Bosch Site Monitor.

        b. For Android: In Google Play Store search for Bosch Site Monitor.

    2. Install the Site Monitor App.

    3. Launch the Site Monitor App.

    4. Allow notifications for Site Monitor App to receive Smart Notification events.



    2. Launch the Site Monitor App


    Enter server address, name and password, which you received with the welcome e-mail to log in Site Monitor app.




    3. Sites View


    The Sites View is displayed after the Site Monitor app is launched.


    3.1 Display Live Video


    View live video from the cameras of all allowed Sites of your Account.

    1. The Preview displays 3 cameras each of all Sites.

    2. Tap 'More >' to display all cameras of the selected Site.

    3. Tap a camera image to display a single camera in larger view (streaming video).



    4. Tap the  Central_Support_4-1638867158969.png 
    icon to save a snapshot.

    5. Turn the mobile device to landscape format to get a larger live video.


    6. Tap the camera image to get the camera full-screen view. Use two fingers to digitally zoom into the camera image.  

    Note: In single camera view and in full-screen camera view, the video quality can be changed from Stream 2 (default) to Stream 1 (higher quality) and to JPG Polling (best quality but slower video) > see chapter 6.


    3.2 Arm / disarm a Site


    The mobile user can arm/disarm a Site from the app, if allowed in Alarm Management Configuration.

    1. To manually arm a Site, navigate to the related site and switch the slider 'Site armed' to 'ON' > Alarms are processed.



    2. To disarm the site for a certain time period and then automatically re-arm the site, switch the slider 'Site armed' to 'OFF' and select the related time period.



    3. To permanently disarm the site, switch the slider 'Site armed' to 'OFF' and select Never > Alarms are ignored.




    • This option allows the mobile user to arm/disarm his site(s) from the Site Monitor app, so that Live Intervention alarms are/aren’t sent to the Eventmonitor website and the related monitoring center.
    • Prerequisites: Manual Arming needs to be enabled for the mobile user, and the Site needs to be configured to 'Manually armed' in Alarm Management Configuration.
    • Automatic re-arming does only work if the app is running and the user is logged on.


    4. Map View


    1. Tap the Central_Support_8-1638867417305.png 
    icon to display the Map View.

    2. Easily navigate to the camera of interest with map view.

        a. Short tap the site icon to display the cameras of the selected site.

        b. Long tap the site icon to move the site in the map.


    3. Tap '< Back' to return to Sites View.


    5. Events View


    Tap the  Central_Support_10-1638867488840.png 
    icon to display the Events View.


    5.1 Display Events


    Events are sent to Site Monitor app if the Smart Notification Service is activated for the related user.


    • The displayed number indicates unseen events. Central_Support_11-1638867527461.png
    • Max. 400 events are displayed in the event list.
    • The event list can be grouped to display less events (example: 1 event per 10 minutes)
    • For Remote Portal cameras the Video Security app can be used to display recording or perform forensic search. 


    1. Tap the event in the list to display the event snapshot, event clip and live video of the related camera.

    Unseen events are marked with a colored dot.


    2. Tap the  Central_Support_13-1638867673009.png 
    icon to save the event snapshot and event clip.

    3. Tap To video analysis link to display the camera in Video Security app. 


    Note: To install the Video Security app, please follow the article How to install Video Security App from Site Monitor app? 

    4. Use the event filter to group events (example: display only one event per 5 minutes in the event list)



    5. Delete events by wiping the event in the event list to left (iOS),


    or taping the Central_Support_15-1638867727575.png 
    icon in the related event (Android)


    5.2 Event Notifications


    To get event notifications on the mobile device, the Smart Notification service needs to be configured in Alarm Management Configuration.

    1. After the Service has been processed, the user gets a push notification:

        a. Site Monitor app is in the background:

         b. Site Monitor app is displayed:


    2. After tapping the Notification or 'Show', the event opens and the user can verify the event on the mobile device.



    3. Tap the  Central_Support_19-1638867892059.png 
    icon to save the event snapshot and event clip.

    4. Tap To video analysis link to display the camera in Video Security app. 


    Note: You can get event notifications only if you are logged on Site Monitor app.


    5.3 Snooze / un-snooze the Smart Notification service


    To snooze / un-snooze Smart Notifications from the Site Monitor app:

    Option 1: Tap the  Central_Support_20-1638867935601.png 
    icon to select the Smart Notification services and wipe the slider to snooze / un-snooze the related service.



    Option 2: Snooze the related Smart Notification service underneath the Live View in the event.



    Note: When a Smart Notification Service is snoozed,

    • the service is stopped for all users, which are configured in this service,
    • no user gets push notifications,
    • no new events appear in the event list,

    unless the service is un-snoozed again.


    6. Information View


    In Sites View, tap  Central_Support_23-1638868045949.png 
    icon to display the Information View.

    In the Information View, you can change your password,  select the video quality, contact support, display Privacy Statement, Imprint and app version, and you can logoff the app.

    • Tap 'Account' to change your password or log out Site Monitor app.
    • Tap 'Video quality' to change the streaming video quality in single camera view and full-screen view from Stream 2 (default) to Stream 1 (higher quality) and to JPG Polling (best quality but slower video).
      Note: Streaming video is not available for CPP3 cameras and earlier.



    7. Partner co-branding


    Site Monitor App provides the capability to display a different App icon and the icons in the app with different key color.

    This feature is available for dedicated Alarm Management instances only and needs to be requested. Please contact your local sales representative.

    Example: Customer "Your company", key color: red 

    App icon:


    Icons, text and switches in the app in key color:



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