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    Which are the successors of DIVAR IP 7000 or 6000 R2 HDD’s (EOL List)?



    Which are the successors of DIVAR IP 7000 or 6000 R2 HDD’s (EOL List)?




    • DIP-AIO4-HDD is identical to former DIP-6704-HDD
    • DIP-AIO8-HDD is identical to former DIP-6708-HDD


    Note: DIP6000/7000 R2 is End Of Life (EOL)

    • end of life date: 28-Feb-2019
    • Reason for End of Life: Operating system license EOL

    • End of Service: 31-Dec-2023


    Additional remarks

    - In the DIVAR IP all-in-one product line there’s no distinction between pure recording (former DIP-61…) and full management appliances (former DIP-71…) anymore. The pre-loaded SW can operate in both modes.

    - DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 is based on identical HW as former DIP-61… systems, but includes optional VMS

    - For local viewing capabilities (as former DIP-71… systems) the optional graphic card needs to be purchased

    - DIVAR IP all-in-one 6000 covers similar use cases as former half populated (DIP-61…-4HD and DIP-71…-4HD) systems, but is not supposed to be a direct replacement, due to slightly lower spec (i3 CPU, single PSU and SSD)


    List of End of Life products:

    SAP number Type number Description
    F.01U.308.406    DIP-6180-00N    DIVAR IP 6000 2U w/o HDD                         
    F.01U.308.452 DIP-6183-4HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 4x3TB                             
    F.01U.308.453 DIP-6183-8HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 8x3TB                            
    F.01U.308.454 DIP-6184-4HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 4x4TB                             
    F.01U.308.455 DIP-6184-8HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 8x4TB                             
    F.01U.308.456 DIP-61F0-00N     DIVAR IP 6000 3U w/o HDD                        
    F.01U.308.457 DIP-61F3-16HD  DIVAR IP 6000 3U 16x3TB                           
    F.01U.308.458 DIP-61F4-16HD  DIVAR IP 6000 3U 16x4TB                           
    F.01U.329.139 DIP-6186-8HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 8x6TB                            
    F.01U.329.140 DIP-6188-8HD    DIVAR IP 6000 2U 8x8TB                            
    F.01U.329.141 DIP-61F6-16HD  DIVAR IP 6000 3U 16x6TB                          
    F.01U.329.142 DIP-61F8-16HD  DIVAR IP 6000 3U 16x8TB 
    F.01U.314.520 DIP-7180-00N DIVAR IP 7000 2U w/o HDD
    F.01U.314.521 DIP-7183-4HD DIVAR IP 7000 2U 4x3TB
    F.01U.314.522 DIP-7183-8HD DIVAR IP 7000 2U 8x3TB
    F.01U.314.523 DIP-7184-4HD DIVAR IP 7000 2U 4x4TB
    F.01U.314.524 DIP-7184-8HD DIVAR IP 7000 2U 8x4TB
    F.01U.314.525 DIP-71F0-00N DIVAR IP 7000 3U w/o HDD
    F.01U.314.526 DIP-71F3-16HD DIVAR IP 7000 3U 16x3TB
    F.01U.314.527 DIP-71F4-16HD DIVAR IP 7000 3U 16x4TB
    F.01U.329.143 DIP-7186-8HD    DIVAR IP 7000 2U 8x6TB                            
    F.01U.329.144 DIP-7188-8HD    DIVAR IP 7000 2U 8x8TB                            
    F.01U.329.145 DIP-71F6-16HD  DIVAR IP 7000 3U 16x6TB                          
    F.01U.329.146 DIP-71F8-16HD  DIVAR IP 7000 3U 16x8TB
    F.01U.343.277 DIP-7184-8HD-WAG  DIVAR IP 7000 2U 8x4TB, WAG Kit 
    F.01U.291.794   DIP-6703-HDD     3000GB HDD DIVAR IP 6000/7000
    F.01U.308.459 DIP-6704-HDD 4000GB HDD DIVAR IP 6000/7000
    F.01U.330.152 DIP-6706-HDD   6000GB HDD DIVAR IP 6000/7000   
    F.01U.330.153         DIP-6708-HDD 8000GB HDD DIVAR IP 6000/7000



    List of successor products:

    DIVAR IP all-in-one 6000: 
    Tbd DIP-6240-00N  1U Recording & Management Appliance w/o HDD
    Tbd DIP-6244-4HD  1U Recording & Management Appliance with 4x4TB 
    Tbd  DIP-6248-4HD  1U Recording & Management Appliance with 4x8TB  
    Tbd  DIP-624C-4HD  1U Recording & Management Appliance with 4x12TB
    DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000:
    Tbd DIP-7280-00N  2U Recording & Management Appliance w/o HDD 
    Tbd  DIP-7284-8HD  2U Recording & Management Appliance with 8x4TB  
    Tbd  DIP-7288-8HD  2U Recording & Management Appliance with 8x8TB  
    Tbd  DIP-728C-8HD  2U Recording & Management Appliance with 8x12TB 
    Tbd  DIP-72G0-00N  3U Recording & Management Appliance w/o HDD 
    Tbd  DIP-72G8-16HD  3U Recording & Management Appliance with 16x8TB  
    Tbd  DIP-72GC-16HD  3U Recording & Management Appliance with 16x12TB
    Graphic and sound card offered as separate item for optional use in DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000:
    Tbd  DIP-7GRSN-P6 Graphic and sound card for DIPaio7000
    Replacement hard drives for DIVAR IP all-in-one or DIVAR IP 6000/7000 (R2):
    Tbd  DIP-AIO4-HDD 4TB HDD DIVAR IP all-in-one 
    Tbd  DIP-AIO8-HDD 8TB HDD DIVAR IP all-in-one
    Replacement hard drives for DIVAR IP all-in-one:
    Tbd  DIP-AIO12-HDD 12TB HDD DIVAR IP all-in-one


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