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    ‎03-30-2023 08:53 AM
    Since VRM 4.10, we have reintroduced the Live & Replay pages in the VRM web GUI.
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    ‎03-22-2023 04:05 PM
    If for any reason, later on the DIVAR IP needs to be removed from Bosch Remote Portal connected via System Manager, follow the steps from this article.
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    ‎03-28-2023 12:24 PM
    Health monitoring with Remote System Management is very easy, as in one page you have an overview of the state of all DIVAR IPs connected to your Remote Portal and then, drilling down a level, you have an instant overview of the state of the cameras connected to the selected DIVAR IP. A service is available to setup health alerts for devices via email, so you are informed when any emergencies pop up.
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    ‎03-22-2023 11:06 AM
    With the release of System Manager 2.0, the DIVAR IP systems can now be connected to the internet for maintenance and management, using Bosch Remote Portal.
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    ‎03-16-2023 08:43 AM
    Configuration Manager 7.60 by default will only trust CA signed certificates. Changing the security requirements will change the behavior of how CM displays the connection/access.
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    ‎03-14-2023 04:28 PM
    "Show VCA items" is a function which works in Internet Explorer 11 with the Bosch MPEG ActiveX installed. Due the end-of-life of Internet Explorer, this function is no longer available on Microsoft Edge.
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    ‎03-07-2023 08:29 AM
    In this article is explained step by step how to collect logs from your DIVAR IP all-in-one 4000 & 6000.
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    ‎04-29-2021 10:16 AM
      Related Products: VRM, Genetec Security Center Overview: It is possible to use VRM free of charge (no extra VRM license is required) within Genetec Security Center. Genetec is sending encrypted secret to the VRM server with the number of the licensed channels. When VRM receives and validates this, it can be used for that number of channels for 24 h. A periodic license update is send by Genetec, so the VRM licensing is guaranteed as long as it is used with Genetec Security Center. Default settings, if not extra configuration is needed or done. -License for 1000 Cameras - License update is done every hour   How to license more than 1000 cameras or change the license update period for VRM within Genetec Security Center: Open the Config Tool and Launch a Video Task Select the Archiver Go to the Resource Tab and click on Extensions From the Tab Installed extensions select Bosch. In the Tab VRM add a new VRM and/or select already configured VRM. Click on Advanced settings and add the following parameters If you need to license the system with more than the default 1000 licenses – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestCount and as value put the required number of licenses. The parameter name is case sensitive If you need to change the duration of the period between each license request (there is always one license request when the archiver starts) – create the parameter with Name VrmLicenseRequestPeriod. The duration of the period is in milliseconds. The default value is one hour. If the value is set to 0, the license request are disabled. The parameter name is case sensitive     Press Enter to confirm the entry and then Close Press Apply and then OK. At the webpage of the VRM one can check if the number of licenses is changed.                    
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    ‎01-07-2022 01:00 PM
    This article contains the lists of cameras that support Camera Trainer, what Camera Trainer is, how it works, what to use it for and what not, and how to configure it. 
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    ‎02-22-2023 03:53 PM
    This article explains steb by step how to create the VCA fields for multiple presets in Configuration Manager.
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    ‎02-21-2023 01:36 PM
    This article explains step by step how to add a DIVAR Hybrid 5000 in BVMS Viewer and see Live image of cameras connected to the DIVAR.
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    ‎02-20-2023 03:38 PM
    This article contains videos which explain the usage of Bosch cameras integrated in Genetec Security Center.
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    ‎02-20-2023 03:13 PM
    Cloud VMS has a split user management. The users are created in Cloud VMS related to what they are allowed to access in the system.
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    3 weeks ago
    Cloud VMS provides an AI Snapshot in the Operator Interface > Verification Mode, next to the Alarm Snapshot from the camera and the Smart Event Image.
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    ‎02-10-2023 09:20 AM
    In this article you will find all the steps of the process to recover the DIVAR IP AIO 4000 or 6000 to factory defaults.
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    ‎04-29-2021 10:40 AM
    Related Products: BVMS SDK, BVMS    Overview: BVMS Scriptlets can be debugged via logging to a logger file or messaging to the Operator workstation. This article describes how to enable BVMS Scriplet logging. You can log to the Server Script log or the Client Script log. Logs are default send to C:\ProgramData\Bosch\VMS\Log   1.Creating Log files ClientScriptLogger – automatically created Creates file “ClientScriptLog.txt” ServerScriptLogger - automatically created  Creates file “ServerScriptLog.txt”   2.Log information to the log files There are 3 methods to log information: Log Info Log Error Log Debug   Examples: [Scriptlet("59c4d66e-9395-4dcc-8d27-90dc2b7a00c4")] public void DemoLogger() { //use refence:C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 MessageBox.Show("Hello World"); Logger.Info("Hello World script started"); Logger.Error("Hello World script started"); Logger.Debug("Hello World script started"); // Not writing to ClientScriptLog.txt ! }   3.Logging Location - C:\ProgramData\Bosch\VMS\Log. The logs are automatically collected by the BVMS Configuration Collection Tool. 4.Changing the location of the BVMS Scriplet Logging.   Server Scripts : Logging Directory can be found in the file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bosch\VMS\AppData\Server\CentralServer\BvmsLogCfg.xml and is defined by the ServerScriptLogAppender path: Default: </appender> <appender name="ServerScriptLogAppender" type="Bosch.Vms.Shared.Logging.Imp.RollingFileAppender, Bosch.Vms.Shared.Logging.Imp"> <file value="%CommonApplicationData%\\Bosch\\VMS\\Log\\ServerScriptLog.txt"/>   Client Scripts : Logging Directory can be found in the file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bosch\VMS\AppData\Client\OpClient\ApplicationWiring\Nvr\LogCfg.xml and is defined by the ClientScriptLogAppender path: Default: </appender> <appender name=“ClientScriptLogAppender" type="Bosch.Vms.Shared.Logging.Imp.RollingFileAppender, Bosch.Vms.Shared.Logging.Imp"> <file value="%CommonApplicationData%\\Bosch\\VMS\\Log\\ClientScriptLog.txt"/>
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    ‎01-26-2023 11:09 AM
    This article explains how to configure the Bosch ITS and NTCIP licensed versions of IP moving cameras to respond to National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP).
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    ‎01-20-2023 10:14 AM
    This article explains step by step how to play exported recording files from VRM eXporter Wizard in BVMS Export Player.
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    ‎01-20-2023 08:30 AM
    This article contains the steps to focusing a Bosch Box camera: set the Back Focus to the Center position and focus on a specific area
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    ‎01-17-2023 03:15 PM
    This article explains step by step how to export an Alarm Clip and Cloud Recording from VSaaS Cloud VMS to the local PC.
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