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    ‎06-08-2022 07:54 AM
    This article explains how to configure a single camera that already has a fixed IP address assigned, using Project Assistant App.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:20 AM
    Sometimes it is preferable to have a different “user mode” during the day then in the night. Our cameras by default have the option to switch the user mode e.g. triggered by the camera D/N switch over. But also other triggers can be chosen. Below an example how to setup the “user mode” switching triggered by the D/N switch over.
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    a week ago
    Health monitoring with Remote System Management is very easy, as in one page you have an overview of the state of all DIVAR IPs connected to your Remote Portal and then, drilling down a level, you have an instant overview of the state of the cameras connected to the selected DIVAR IP. A service is available to setup health alerts for devices via email, so you are informed when any emergencies pop up.
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    ‎01-11-2023 04:35 PM
    This article describes how you can add and grant a Technician user permission on a specific group or camera in Bosch Remote Portal. Per default a Technician user can access all unrestricted groups and cameras. The Technician can further access all restricted groups and cameras to which he is added to.
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    ‎06-09-2023 04:55 PM
    In this article you will learn how to install the keyboard drivers and hot to configure a BVMS workstation for Keyboard integration
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    2 weeks ago
    This article explains how to configure the Bosch ITS and NTCIP licensed versions of IP moving cameras to respond to National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP).
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    ‎01-16-2023 03:54 PM
    This article explains step by step how to do the configuration of a camera & VJD 7000 & Monitor Group integrated in BVMS 11.1.1.
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    ‎09-02-2022 02:33 PM
    This article contains a step-by-step guide related to updating process of the E-Series controller firmware
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    ‎12-21-2023 10:16 AM
    Bosch will undertake a cybersecurity best practice by disabling certain ports on the camera by default. This best practice is being undertaken to reduce potential attack surfaces and limit the exposure of sensitive services, as mentioned in our Data Security Guidebook since years.
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    ‎11-18-2021 09:47 AM
    This article explains how you can change the IP Matrix Passcode PIN when using Configuration Manager version lower than 7.50 & VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513) FW version lower than 10.22.
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    ‎03-16-2023 08:43 AM
    Configuration Manager 7.60 by default will only trust CA signed certificates. Changing the security requirements will change the behavior of how CM displays the connection/access.
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:32 AM
    Before asking for assistance, please collect and provide the Central Technical Support Team with the information from this article.
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    ‎08-21-2023 09:50 AM
    Central Support Team may ask you to provide them with the log files and configuration file of Intelligent Insights.This article explains you how and where you can get them.
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    ‎06-23-2023 02:15 PM
    This article explains step-by-step how to upgrade the MegaRAID Storage Manager to v.17.05 on DIVAR aio 7000.
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    ‎11-06-2023 09:09 AM
    This article presents step-by-step how to check the status of the RAID array via LSA, replace & rebuild the faulty HDD (DIP 6000 AIO).
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    ‎06-03-2022 04:25 PM
    This article explains how to install Video Security app from the Site Monitor app, if not installed so far.
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    ‎09-26-2023 08:42 AM
    To be able to configure Customer Traffic Report service the Bosch IP camera needs to support Intelligent Video Analytics or Essential Video Analytics.
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    ‎07-22-2021 01:35 PM
    An object moving or a low/ higher contrast scene can throw off the autofocus option, resulting in a soft focus or even not focus at all. Using manual focus is an obvious solution, but manual focus isn’t exactly easy to get sharp images. Manual focus requires a bit of know-how and some practice to get right. If you would like to improve the performance and get a sharp image, please see below how you can manually adjust the focus ring on a Dinion Thermal camera.
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:21 PM
    This article describes how to secure the data connection between Bosch cameras and Milestone's XProtect by the use of 'Authority-signed Certificates' 
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    ‎09-26-2023 10:22 AM
    This article explains how you can set up a Virtual Assistant service in Bosch Alarm Management
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