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    ‎10-27-2022 09:52 AM
    This article answer to the question: "Why the ‘SD card Status’ is missing in GUI of MIC IP starlight/ultra/inteox 7100i camera?"
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    ‎10-26-2022 10:10 AM
    This article presents solution regarding how to stop "rtp.p_type 97" (OSD or Video Authetication packet) on a CPP4 and CPP7.3  
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    ‎10-25-2022 02:40 PM
    This article contains possible causes and solutions regarding  the recording error (stream 1) on the Remote Portal when camera records on its SD card on alarms only.
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    ‎10-25-2022 02:25 PM
    This article explains step by step how to load BIOS Optimized defaults on my DIVAR IP 5000 AIO unit.
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    ‎10-25-2022 02:05 PM
    This article explains how is the storage capacity calculated for DSA E-Series E2800 12-bay (RAID 6).
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    ‎10-24-2022 03:12 PM
    This article explains what does the color of the led in the front view of the DIVAR IP AIO 5000 indicate.
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    ‎10-24-2022 02:55 PM
    This article explain what is the difference between ‘Operator Logon- off’ & ‘Operator Client Logon- off’ events in BVMS.
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    ‎10-24-2022 02:44 PM
    This article explain what is the meaning of each button on the KBD Universal XF.
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    3 weeks ago
    This article explains step by step how to remotely connect to DIVAR Network or Hybrid via Divar Mobile Viewer App
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    ‎10-20-2022 03:11 PM
    All Bosch IP cameras that are equipped with a Micro SD can record at the edge. While video recorded via Bosch’s proprietary iSCSI format is none readable, many sites require any type of recorded video to be encrypted.
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    ‎10-20-2022 12:25 PM
    Have a look at this article and learn what you should check when your cameras do not record and when going to VSG and recording, it stands that 'ANR not configured' or 'No more blocks available'
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    ‎10-20-2022 11:58 AM
    WD MSD-064G IP SECURITY MICROSD CARD does not support lifespan check for Bosch CPP4 cameras
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    ‎10-20-2022 11:48 AM
    To get a snapshot image from your camera, you can use the following URL: HTTP://camera_IP_address/snap.jpg
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    ‎10-12-2022 08:32 AM
    If you cannot access any program from kiosk mode or they are randomly opened on your DIVAR IP AIO 7000 GEN 3 this happens because you double click on the icons.
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    ‎10-20-2022 10:13 AM
    The Dashboard has a Maximum temperature that exceeds 80 Degrees C and the camera will display "Status 8" when the internal temperature is above 80 Deg C.
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    ‎01-10-2023 09:50 AM
    If you have a DIVAR network/hybrid 2000/3000/5000 recorder and you want to connect and configure it, you can do it with the internet explorer compatibility mode in Microsoft Edge and you can use the system as before.
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    ‎10-07-2022 03:11 PM
    Take a look at this article and learn how you can wire the camera alarm input of DINION IP starlight 6000i
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    ‎01-06-2023 04:00 PM
    Starting on September 30th 2021, Dropbox™ has changed to short-lived access tokens, which expire after four hours. 
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    ‎10-06-2022 02:35 PM
    This articol provides solution for  FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i about wrong color applied to alarm-triggered bounding boxes (Camera Trainer).
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    ‎10-06-2022 01:51 PM
    This articol answer answer to the question:  Is the 'Day-to-night switch over' option missing in some Bosch cameras?
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