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    DIVAR Mobile Viewer v3.1.0 app fails to connect to DIVAR AN/network/hybrid

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    Connectivity problems after DIVAR Mobile Viewer APP upgrade from v3.0.0 to the new v3.1.0


    As result of a software bug in the APP problems in the connectivity  can occur in case the DIVAR hybrid/network is running firmware v3.0.0 or below. Running firmware v3.1.0 does not show the problem.

    This problem exists for both Android and IOS app platfoms


    DIVAR Mobile Viewer app 3.1.1 for both Android and iOS have been released and are available on the stores. This version is compatible with previous DIVAR hybrid/network firmware v3.0.0 and 3.1.0


    Additional info for DIVAR AN 3000/5000

     For the DIVAR AN 3000/5000 we just learned that the DIVAR Mobile Viewer app v3.1.1. can consume more than one session per device. This typically happens when in the Live Preview the "Device List" (top right icon) is used to open all cameras simultaneously. This seems only to happen as a first action when you open the app. This can result is a failing connection showing the message “System is busy”.

    For the moment please apply these workarounds avoiding this connection problem:
    - Change the number of remote sessions allowed (default=4) in the DIVAR AN 3000/5000 configuration to 64 (Menu, Settings, Network, Max. connection)
    - Avoid the use of "Start Live Preview (16)" in "Device List" as an first action. By viewing one camera only as first action showed that new session consumption was prevented.

    In case of occurring connection problem: close and restart the DIVAR Mobile Viewer app. This problem seems not to occur when using Android or for accessing DIVAR network/hybrid.

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