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    ‎01-09-2024 08:46 AM
    This article explains how to enable or disable audio recording for specific camera in BVMS, on action of BVMS Operator Client user.   Follow the step-by-step guide from this article.
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    ‎12-21-2023 03:55 PM
    This article explains you how and where you can get the logs of your camera. The system logs are extremely useful for troubleshooting recurring or obscure problems, as they provide a record of all work performed on the system and may shed light on hard-to-spot interactions between seemingly unrelated symptoms.  
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    ‎12-21-2023 03:48 PM
    Follow the steps from this article and find out how you can remotely view and collect the system's event log through IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface).
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    ‎12-21-2023 10:16 AM
    Bosch will undertake a cybersecurity best practice by disabling certain ports on the camera by default. This best practice is being undertaken to reduce potential attack surfaces and limit the exposure of sensitive services, as mentioned in our Data Security Guidebook since years.
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    ‎12-20-2023 04:31 PM
    Strange behaviors of the Divar IP 6000/7000 R2 start from a root cause that need to be found. Log files are the most comprehensive and help the Central Technical Support team to find it and provide you further assistance. This article provides you a step-by-step guide on how you can collect MegaRAID logs for DIVAR IP 6000/7000 R2.
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    ‎12-19-2023 02:49 PM
    In case you have noticed a gap between the left and right of the lens installation, this might cause improperly focus for the camera's image. Therefore, please proceed as explained in this article.
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    ‎12-18-2023 10:16 AM
    This article is a step-by-step guide of how to configure the Advanced Video View Service.
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    ‎12-07-2023 01:27 PM
    The attached documents should help you to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. The upgrade itself is not restricted to BVMS software only. The supported software and firmware versions can be found in the release notes of the related BVMS version.
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    ‎12-05-2023 08:25 AM
    Different devices, whether cameras or encoders, offer a different amount of processing power for video content analysis (VCA).
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    ‎12-01-2023 01:49 PM
    Starting with BVMS v10.0, you can leverage VRM Encryption Technology.
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    ‎11-30-2023 01:46 PM
    During the troubleshooting process, the Central Technical Support team often needs to run several different loggers to gain a more complete understanding of the problem.  You can use custom console traces to regroup and run different loggers that are not combined in the default Server Admin list. To create and run custom console traces for Security Center, follow the steps from this article.
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    ‎11-29-2023 01:33 PM
    This article describes how a Tattile camera can be connected to BVMS. We recommend keeping the Tattile camera documentation and BVMS configuration manual at hand to fine tune the system configuration to the specific needs of your project
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    ‎11-28-2023 04:34 PM
    This article describes how to move one or multiple cameras from one company (account) to another one in Bosch Remote Portal. 
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    ‎11-24-2023 03:29 PM
    Follow this article if you have FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 5000i (FW 6.43.0027) or FLEXIDOME starlight 6000 VR (FW 6.32.0109) cameras and you would like to upgrade them to the latest version available
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    ‎11-24-2023 01:53 PM
    This article will help you to go directly to the technical articles related to a specific model of DIVAR IP, by using labels. Each Knowledge Base article contains relevant labels that relate to the DIVAR IP model for which you are searching for an article.
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    ‎11-24-2023 01:16 PM
    If WebRTC doesn’t work for you, follow this article to locate the reason:
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    ‎11-23-2023 11:26 AM
    MegaRAID Storage Manager software automatically rebuilds the RAID 5 on a DIVAR IP unit without data loss. The rebuild is a fully automatic process, so it is not necessary to issue a Rebuild command. You can also monitor the progress of drive rebuilds. Once the chassis was replaced and the drives were mounted in drive carriers, follow this step-by-step guide in order to rebuild RAID 5 on a DIVAR IP.
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    ‎11-21-2023 02:30 PM
    If you want to disable the digital zoom or to limit the maximum zoom-in of the AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i IR camera, you can do that by using the AUX Command 80 (OFF).
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    ‎11-10-2023 12:59 PM
    The MegaRAID controller will automatically detect if a disk has errors causing the RAID volume to be degraded. An error message will appear on the desktop of that system. The system will also generate a beeping sound indicating it needs attention:
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    ‎11-10-2023 12:47 PM
    This article describes all the steps that will help you to create LUNs after RAID failure.
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